E-Commerce Crypto Integration

Let shoppers pay with top cryptocurrencies by integrating blockchain with your e-commerce platform. Our developers incorporate payment gateways to allow checkouts via Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins and more. We streamline the customer experience by adding wallet connectivity, transaction histories, crypto conversion calculators and other features tailored to blockchain users. Compliant tax calculations and settlement systems ensure accurate accounting of crypto payments. For added value, we integrate NFTs - enabling exclusive perks and experiences for owners. With robust security protections against fraud and volatility, our crypto e-commerce solutions provide new revenue streams while delighting Web3 shoppers. We architect backend systems to scale seamlessly as blockchain adoption grows. Let us smoothly onboard the new generation of crypto consumers to your e-commerce platform.

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Past Projects
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Sol Seeker

SolSeeker is an ecommerce site where users can discover and purchase NFTs using SOL or SPL tokens. We implemented an admin panel to easily add products and used Solana pay for smooth checkout. Customers receive order confirmations via Sendgrid. Built using NextJS, MongoDB, Solana, and Sendgrid, SolSeeker demonstrates frictionless Ecommerce on the blockchain....