Ordinals Marketplace

Ordinals Marketplace

Ordinals introduced an innovative new NFT model focused on usability and community. Let us build the ultimate marketplace to showcase and trade your ordinals collection. Our engineers program fast, reliable smart contracts enabling seamless buying, selling and transfers. The UI provides a beautiful gallery for collectors to showcase their ordinals, tools to analyze value and rarity, and a seamless experience buying from drop lists or other collectors. We integrate with crypto wallets, chain explorers, OpenSea and other platforms to provide current ordinals data. To drive continuous engagement, we incorporate social features, new ways to display collections, and tools to track value over time. Throughout, our focus is on making ordinals accessible to new users while also catering to pro collectors. Let us architect robust ordinals marketplace infrastructure - combining striking design, solid engineering and blockchain expertise to showcase your ordinals.

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Past Projects
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Ordinal Novus

We developed a Bitcoin marketplace for tokenized inscription NFTs called Ordinal Novus. The site allows users to browse collections, search/filter inscriptions and buy or sell assets secured on the blockchain. Built using Next.js, MongoDB, Redux and Docker, our focus was on optimizing the user experience. Dynamic search and filter options enhanced discovery. Users can easily connect their BTC wallet to transact. The decoupled architecture simplifies scaling....


Ordinal Satoshis

Ordinal Satoshis wanted a simple yet modern site to showcase their NFT collection and onboard new owners. We implemented high-converting landing pages with embedded carousels plus SendGrid email to convert visitors. NextJS allowed fast deployment....